Victorian Peepshow

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This limited edition, hand-cut peep show is a replica of those held in the Brunel Institute in Bristol. Peep shows were popular souvenirs in the Victorian period. They resemble miniature stage sets and expand to create an illusion of depth.

This peep show illustrates the Thames Tunnel, the first successful tunnel dug underneath a river, built by Sir Marc Brunel and his son Isambard. By carefully extending the peep show and looking through the view hole, you will see the captivating scene enjoyed by Victorians.

These peep shows are made by Papeti, a small team of graphic designers, illustrators and water colourists who create intricate giftware in their Barcelona workshop using traditional methods. 

Some original peep shows are held in the collection of the SS Great Britain Trust and can be seen at Brunel's SS Great Britain in Bristol. They were accepted into the Trust's collection in 2017 under the Cultural Gifts Scheme by HM Government from Clive Richards OBE DL.


(Single) 110 x 55 mm

(Double) 230 x 55 mm

Hand illustrated, printed and die cut by Papeti