Tales of Opportunity: The Bright Family of Hereford & Bristol 1066-2020

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In the 1920s an extraordinary family treasure was shipped to Australia and stored in a cellar in Sorrento, Victoria: a trove of papers documenting more than two centuries of international trade, together with a wealth of mercantile information that was almost consumed by fire in 1967.

In 1980 the cache was donated to the University of Melbourne Archives for protection and conservation. Interpreting its importance became the life's work of Primrose Danby Bright, who sought to tease out the various branches of the family and their contributions to its development.

Tales of Opportunity is the result of her forty years of painstaking research of the Bright family, with its British, West Indian and Australian connections from William the Conqueror to the present day.


450 pages

Publisher: Melbourne University Press

ISBN: 9780522876765