SS Great Britain Propeller Jigsaw

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Made for engineering fans and puzzle enthusiasts, this 1000 piece puzzle features the ground-breaking six-bladed propeller of the SS Great Britain.

Brunel originally designed the SS Great Britain with huge paddle wheels, just like his earlier ship The Great Western. However, his ideas changed when the Archimedes visited Bristol to demonstrate the efficiency of her new screw propeller. 

Brunel quickly saw that the propeller had a big advantage over paddle wheels. Paddle wheels alternately dip into and rise out of the water as a ship rolls in rough seas, so it is hard to keep on a straight course. A propeller stays submerged, even in stormy seas, and so continues to drive the ship forward. 

Brunel researched this new invention thoroughly, then managed to persuade the Great Western Steamship company to replace the SS Great Britain’s paddles with a propeller. The future of shipping had changed forever. 

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Dimensions (finished puzzle): 690 x 480 mm