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Until the middle of the 19th century no reliable method had been found which allowed the prediction of the weather. This was a big problem for shipping as severe storms could cost lives at sea and sink ships and cargoes. During a wild and stormy October night in 1859, nearly 150 vessels were wrecked around the coast of the British Isles including The Royal Charter. The Royal Charter was managed by the same agency as the SS Great Britain and many of the crew who died in the storm had previously served on the Great Britain. After the tragedy of the storm in 1859, Robert Fitzroy introduced a system of weather warnings in all of the main ports in Britain. This led to the Shipping Forecast. His work on weather forecasting was far ahead of contemporary science and he is credited with saving the lives of hundreds of seamen and passengers who travelled at sea in the 19th century.

Designed and made in the UK Brunel's SS Great Britain worked with Weekend 365 to create this exclusive range.


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