Isambard and the Emperor's Labyrinth

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A kidnapped hypnotist. A world threatened by anarchy. Cato is back.

When a powerful “mindformer” goes missing, Isambard knows that it can only be the work of one man – the race is on to stop Cato destroying Isambard’s world.

Isambard and Millie track Cato across the frozen snowfields of Russia, facing wolves, armed guards and assassins. But Millie’s newfound magical skills come at a cost, and it is Isambard who will be made to pay.

Isambard must disrupt Cato’s plan to spark revolution in London – but is there an even greater evil at work?

If you like magic, adventure and an epic battle between good and evil, then the Young Isambard series is for you.


326 pages

Age Range: 10+

Publisher: Robert Guidi

ISBN: 978-0995596825