Isambard and the Cato Street Conspiracy

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How do you defeat evil when science is not enough? You get Magic...

London, 1820: Isambard is just like any other 16-year-old engineering genius until he stumbles across a radical plot to kill the Prime Minister. Things get complicated when he discovers that the conspiracy is being led by a French revolutionary supposedly executed 25 years earlier.

With the help of the eccentric Candlewick sisters, whose magical shop has a habit of losing itself in the labyrinthine streets of Georgian London, Isambard defies his father and joins forces with the Bow Street Runners. But things start going wrong when one of them gets caught snooping around the gang’s lair and Isambard’s hydrogen filled balloon veers wildly off course. 

Will a home-made messaging machine, a pair of telepathic stones and a talking gas be enough to help Isambard thwart the Cato Street Conspiracy?

If you like magic, contraptions and adventure then you’ll love “Isambard and the Cato Street Conspiracy”.

Paperback ‎

358 pages

Age Range: 10+

Publisher: Robert Guidi

ISBN: 978-0995596801