Go Aloft! Travel Mug

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Go Aloft! is the name of the SS Great Britain high ropes experience. The main job of the SS Great Britain’s sailors, or seamen, was to operate and maintain the rigging and sails. In order to operate the large square-sails on the ship’s mainmast, sailors had to work aloft in all weathers, often for hours at a time.

Each year 100 billion single-use cups end up as landfill, due to their plastic content, 99% will never be recycled. And that's why Ecoffee Cup was created. Because each time you choose to re-use, you are not only helping #stopthe100bilion, you're also drinking from a cup made with natural, rapidly renewable bamboo fibre. Light, bright and beautiful to drink from - with no plastic after taste - Ecoffee Cup there really is no excuse for single use.

Dimensions: 100 x 170 x 70 mm