Set of 3 Painted Dinner Candles

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This delightful set of festive dinner table candles will add a sense of fun to your Christmas decor. Each one is painted by hand and has its own unique character, and with unscented wax they are perfect for the dinner table. 

Made with 100% fully refined paraffin wax and decorated with non toxic pigments, these candles are hand-crafted in Napier, South Africa, by artists who are fairly paid for their work.

Shared Earth was established in 1986. By selling a diverse range of products they support over 37 producers and their cultures in 15 countries. Fair Trade ensures that producers are paid reasonable prices for their work, child labour is avoided, working conditions are decent and sustainable materials are used wherever possible.

Dimensions: (Each candle) 230 x 25mm

Burning time per candle: 10 hours