Cookery for Seamen

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Discover the difficulties faced by cooks at sea with limited ingredients and restricted equipment in this fascinating and nostalgic record of a sea cook's potential repertoire in the late 19th century. Learn how to prepare your own maritime meals such as sea pie, compass pudding and crew's coffee, and get advice on how to look after livestock on board a ship.

Cookery for Seamen includes classic recipes for Yorkshire pudding, sausage rolls and shortbread, or - for the more adventurous - devilled bones, pigeon pie or sheep's tongue in aspic!

Originally published in 1894, Cookery for Seamen details recipes perfect for on-board meal preparation, first taught to sailors at the Liverpool Training School of Cookery. It is faithfully reproduced here from an original edition held in the Caird Library's collection at the National Maritime Museum.


88 pages

Publisher: National Maritime Museum

ISBN: 978-1906367626