History Year by Year

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History Year by Year combines bite-sized information, eye-catching images, and clear maps to intrigue history buffs and students of history alike. The unique structure will give you a broad overview of different eras, the story about the people, and the nitty-gritty of key historical events. Inside this visual guide to history, you'll find everything from ancient Egypt, the rise of the Roman Empire, the Qing Dynasty to the Ottoman Empire, World War II, and space exploration.

The illustrated history guide sections the history of the world into spreads that focus on a specific culture, an explanation of the history of ground-breaking inventions, concepts, or trends. Then includes infographics to deliver facts and figures, while collections of artefacts give finer details of the historical societies. It's a wonderful history gift book for students or those who want a more visual depiction of world events.


512 pages

Publisher: DK

ISBN: 978-0241317679

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