Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany

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Julian Stockwin shares his love and knowledge of the sea in this entertaining collection of maritime stories and little-known trivia. 

Focusing on the glory days of tall ships he explores marine myths and unearths the truth behind commonly held beliefs about the sea, such as whether Lord Nelson's body was really pickled in rum to transport it back to England after his death at Trafalgar. Interspersed throughout are salty sayings showing the modern words and phrases that originate from the mariners of old - 'cut of his jib', 'high and dry', 'the coast is clear', 'first rate' and 'slush fund'.

Accompanied by nostalgic black and white line drawings Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany is a charming gift book guaranteed to appeal to the sailing enthusiast, but also amuse and inform even the staunchest landlubber.


224 pages

Publisher: Ebury Press

ISBN: 978-0091958602