Increase your gift

The government allows the ss Great Britain Trust (registered charity no. 262158) to claim back the tax on all donations, membership and ticket purchases made by UK taxpayers. By ticking the box, the value of your contribution increases by almost one third at no extra cost to you.

Gift Aid explained:

What is a 'Gift Aid declaration'?

It is a statement allowing the charity to claim back the income tax and/or capital gains tax you have paid to the UK government.

If you are a taxpayer, then you have paid tax on your income. Your donation, membership or ticket purchase is from your income, so it has had tax paid on it. This declaration authorises the ss Great Britain Trust to claim back from the government the tax paid on your donation, membership or ticket purchase.

For example, if you donate £10 to the ss Great Britain Trust and Gift Aid your donation, HM Revenue & Customs will add £2.50 Gift Aid and a 32p supplement (until April 2011), bringing the total donation to the ss Great Britain Trust to £12.82.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you pay income tax or capital gains tax in the UK the Trust will almost definitely be able to claim that money for you.

In the last year, the ss Great Britain Trust raised £169,557 in Gift Aid tax reclaim. Please help the charity to increase this so it can keep the ship and her collections conserved and displayed for all to enjoy.

You are eligible to authorise the ss Great Britain Trust to reclaim the tax on your donations, membership or ticket purchase if:

  1. You are an individual UK taxpayer, and
  2. The amount of tax that the charity will reclaim does not exceed the amount of tax you have paid in that tax year.

Does it cost me anything?

No, not a penny. The Trust reclaims the money you have already given to HM Revenue & Customs as part of your taxes.

What if I am a Higher Rate taxpayer?

If you pay tax at the Higher Rate, for every pound you donate, the charity can claim 25p (plus 3.2p supplement), and you can claim the remaining 25p credit yourself from HMRC via your Self Assessment tax return.

Do I need to make a new Gift Aid declaration each year?

No, you only need to make a declaration once. Your single declaration will apply to all donations you have made in the last six years and to all future donations.

How do I cancel my Gift Aid declaration?

You can cancel your declaration at any time by notifying the ss Great Britain Trust. It will then not apply to donations you make on or after the date of cancellation or such later date as you specify.